Sunday, May 13, 2012


I never thought one day I will have to choose, and this decision could be one of the biggest in my whole life so far.

I have many sides to consider, on top of it, of course, my own pride and self.

Well, its actually others vs. Me. I know, this is kinda selfish, but i am not actually thinking bout me in particular, but its what i produce. I made a mistake, n i am kinda stuck in it for now.

Now that i know where i screwed up, i wish to not repeat the mistake, but since i wasnt thinking before, i messed up by being in this line. But i thank them coz i know, without them, i will not be Anarif now. Just a no name author with a basic blog.

I dont wanna jeopardize the future of my babies, not anymore. If i wanted them out, i will prepare only the best sight for them, unlike what i did to AAJ. That was a grave mistake, n i am not repeating it.

But the timing seems unlikely to be on my side. Everything is messed up. I really dont wanna screw the future of IBC, bcoz i love it so much. N i will be miserable if it suffers like AAJ.

But right now, i just dont wanna let it go. At least, not in the wrong hands of audience. Again.

I just wish this would be easier.

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