Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TPM: Turn for Pelajar Mengajar :)

Assalamualaikum wrt...

Lately, this blog's n3ies were pretty much full of hatred, anger and other unpleasant emotions.

And now its time for an awesome news.

Alhamdulillah, great thanks to HIM, when I was experiencing the thrashing issue which greatly affected my 
whole self and emotion for almost 2 days, He presented me with a GREATer NEWS, and it truly is a great one which made me smile and all the grief over the thrash stuff got washed away just in seconds.
I finally got the offer letter for TPM or Tenaga Pengajar Muda scholarship.
Finally. After months of anticipation, I finally got the confirmation.

actually, the letter came in on the day after my car got thrashed, but i didnt know about it, until the day after.
So. there really is a hikmah about this. The truth behind this is that so when I got to see the letter, I've already managed to pull myself together, and so much so, I really did.

well, back to the TPM, for those who never heard about this, its actually offered by UITM. if you got the TPM, you would be sponsored for your post-graduate studies and right after you finish, you will get promoted to a lecturer's position immediately after an interview. well it states that you have to serve at least for 7 years after you finish, and then, you could leave UITM if you wish. But those who leave are really, erm, not thinking i guess? Unless they get better-paid job offer than being a UITM lecturer, then they're not really thinking. LOL.

anyway, the point here is, insyaAllah, right after i finish my studies, I will get to be an immediate UITM lecturer and I actually have secured a job which I wanted badly.

frankly speaking, I've been dreaming to be a lecturer since I was 8. serious speaking here. it started when i saw my aunt (who is currently the DEAN of BUSINESS ADMIN faculty of University Malaysia Sabah) in her office, so cosy, so professional-looking, and also, rich. of course thats the main point here. money.
you will never go anywhere now without the aim for more money, right people? yeah, i so agree with myself.

well, i personally enjoy talking and people listening to me bluffing. thats actually what it is. =P

 oh please. I wont be this scary. ^^

i taught primary schools before and it was a tough experience but i really learned it the HARD way.

So, now that I've got the TPM, I'm open to any monitoring-classes job and i already had one, my very first-real-university-class monitoring yesterday and it was great! I love it soo much!

Well, enough of me rambling. Well, the point here is, I'M SERIOUSLY GONNA BE AN ENGLISH LECTURER AND I PRETTY LOVE IT!


See you in class later!!!


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